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Song of Achilles and Goblet of Fire.

Relationship Page 02


  • The character pictures are 200x250.
  • There is one custom link.
  • Three options: url, relation, and description.
  • Each name is a link to the character’s blog.
  • A scrollbar will appear if the description is too long.
  • Your own title.
  • Instructions inside of the coding, including how to add another box.


  • Don’t steal it or any part of the code.
  • Please like/reblog if you use.
  • Keep the credit intact. (By this, I mean you can add it as a link on a separate page or on your main just make sure to have it somewhere. I would prefer if it’s kept as it is, though.)
  • You can edit however much you like, but don’t claim it as your own or release it as such.


This is more for roleplayers, but if you want to use it for your family or something similar, then go ahead.

ALSO. I got the inspiration from a Maze Runner edit, but I accidentally deleted the url that I had saved. So if I contacted you about this (telling you I’d give you credit) then please, message me so I can add your url. But this idea is not solely my own. The credit for inspiration goes to this person, whose url is now lost. If you know who they are, then you can message me as well (the set up of the relations boxes and this edit are similar).

preview // pastebin

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